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January 26th, 2021

jamesbonnet, posting in ratedx @ 01:25 am: Younger male pb for him?

assane, posting in ratedx @ 12:16 am: het faux celeb line with toxic/dubcon elements, age gap preferred, looking for the f

kahla, posting in pbads @ 12:01 am: [info]harbors her older brother, creepy and spooky friends, a couple friends from her high school days

January 25th, 2021

wildt, posting in pbads @ 11:57 pm: [info]exists lines for your friendly neighborhood spider-gwen?
roommate? friends? exes? enemies?

seidy, posting in pbads @ 09:59 pm: would eiza gonzalez or rose bertram be wanted at [info]harbors for anything?

ravaged, posting in pbads @ 10:00 pm: [info]skylines i heard a rumor she might be wanted

stjamest, posting in pbads @ 08:59 pm: [info]eastbayst two sisters for him and [info]wrenstj please

sweettarts, posting in pbads @ 08:46 pm: [info]shorebirds i'm bringing in cami mendes, who wants lines with her?

marceau, posting in pbads @ 09:44 pm: [info]harbors her ex-husband/father of her three kids for shenanigans (they do not get along at all), a best friend of either gender, a sibling, her hs bf, and any lines. she works as a school counselor at the local hs, moved to bar harbor when she was 14, and graduated in 2004

kren, posting in pbads @ 09:44 pm: [info]harbors two more sisters for her and [info]lucile

yuriel, posting in pbads @ 06:35 pm: [info]harbors young friends, queer friends, poc friends. guys he used to fuck around with to any degree pre-sept 2020, other astrology enthusiasts and witchy hoes, friends who like horror movies, friends who like happy hours, custom exchanges, also vinnie hacker, cameron porras, luka sabbat, zion kuwonu, cris calenda, maggie lindemann, bridget satterlee, kelsey calemine

synnovej, posting in pbads @ 08:38 pm: [info]devilsknightsmo mc gpsl with roles available! come play!

emly, posting in pbads @ 09:27 pm: [info]harbors flower grams participants, brittany snow, aaron tveit, tyler hoechlin, brant daugherty, garrett hedlund, emma roberts, selena gomez, chloe grace moretz, nicola peltz, chris hemsworth, nick bateman.

satanist, posting in pbads @ 09:22 pm: [info]nextdoor while i play catch up again, anybody wanna drop an idea for a narrative on me? it's gotta be for the song challenge, but i'm stumped on what to use as a foundation

eiger, posting in pbads @ 09:22 pm: [info]harbors more lines with all you beautiful people, maybe a step-cousin through one of his dad's step-siblings who he's always been close with and comes to stay with him?

adarilia, posting in pbads @ 09:11 pm: [info]exists new journal, same me. i'd love to figure out more lines while i piece her history together. friends, exes, foes, neighbors, you name it.

mlvl, posting in pbads @ 09:03 pm: [info]harbors anyone need a roommate? nightmare-ish ex? a consistent nail tech/esthetician?

herrea, posting in pbads @ 09:04 pm: [info]harbors hit me with beautiful face suggestions

evanara, posting in pbads @ 08:59 pm: [info]harbors crawling out from under my rock after being slammed at work to ask for storylines, neighbors, high school friends, people she bosses around at the hotel she owns with her dad, messy exes of any gender, flings, custom buddies

hakkim, posting in pbads @ 08:57 pm: [info]harbors olivia taylor dudley, stella maeve, jason ralph, arjun gupta, brittany curran, trevor einhorn, any/all of these beautiful people, custom buddies, random scenes, maybe some family from her mom’s side.

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